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The Yo-Yo is a nostalgic toy that many have played with growing up. But those days of just going up and down have passed, and this simple toy has evolved into something competitive, astounding and simply just amazing. The Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships (AP) has competitors from various countries going up against each other, to do their nation proud, and to take home the title of Asia Pacific Champion!

The Spotlight Players featured here are some of the most exciting to watch in Asia. They range from Multiple World Champions, to current reigning National Champions. For 2018, these guys are putting in their best efforts, with their country on their back, to rise and be the 2018 Champion of the Asia Pacific!


 Arata Imai Japan

2017 AP Champion of Champions

2017 AP Double-Hand Looping (2A) Champion

Hiroyuki Suzuki Japan

4x World Single-Hand (1A) Champion

7x AP Single-Hand (1A) Champion

Huynh Huu Loc Vietnam

2017 Vietnam Single-Hand (1A) Champion

Marcus Koh Singapore

2011 World Single-Hand (1A) Champion

5x Singapore Single-Hand (1A) Champion

Miggy Hizon Philippines

2017 Philippines Counter-Weight (5A) Champion

Thawhir Iqbal Singapore

6x Singapore Double-Hand String (3A) Champion

Spotlight Players

Arata Imai Japan
Hiroyuki Suzuki Japan
Huynh Huu Loc Vietnam
Marcus Koh Singapore
Miggy Hizon Philippines
Thawhir Iqbal Singapore

AP Judges

Alex Liu Hong Kong
Brian Low Singapore
Chan Chun Hin Hong Kong
Dicky Rezky Indonesia
Dimi Malaysia
Ken Wong Hong Kong
Kyle Capiral Philippines
Le Minh Dung Vietnam
Lim Aik Hwee Singapore
Nguyen Hoang Tri Hai Vietnam
Roy Teo Singapore
Taiichiro Higashi Japan