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visual artist feature

raghav babbar

As a professional fine artist, I am always

looking for the next opportunity to translate

life experiences into art. After many years of

experimentation, art has become a way for

me to express myself. By using bold colours

and definite strokes, I try to make people

feel what I felt. Pen and pencil portraits, and

oil paintings are my forte.


I paint with my emotions. I portray exactly

what I am feeling at that moment. I have

learnt that people like my spontaneous

sketches and paintings. With this, I began

my figurative sketch studies because I

realised that I was able to capture the

moods and personalities of different people

around me. I have also started exploring the

concept of live drawing using brushstrokes.


Inspiration comes from within the heart. I

draw what I see around me—whether it was

the empty landscape from my studio or

the individuals sitting inside the studio. My

works are also highly inspired by Van Gogh.

I love how his spontaneity gave aesthetic

volume to his landscapes and portraits.


visual artist feature

nitya jain

As someone who was born in India

and travelled throughout the world at a

young age, I am influenced by various

cultures and traditions. My interest in

art started as a child when I was given

stacks of ‘rough paper’ to colour and

doodle on. I came across various art

forms at an early age which quickly

turned into a hobby. However, this

passion was only able to bloom in my

teenage years when I was exposed to

the art world in Singapore. The passion

blossomed into a full grown profession.

As an artist, my inspiration comes from

my surroundings. Art became a way of

expression for me. After much effort in

learning and understanding different

mediums, I always take my experiences

as the subject matter and worked

through them. Many of my works hence

can be relatable to my audience.

My specialisation is in traditional and

folk art, including printmaking and

textiles. In future, I hope to become a

curator specialising in these two forms

of art-making