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the singapore street festival is a celebration of youth, passion and talent.

As we enter another year of the

Festival, I am looking forward

to all the amazing talent that

we will see on stage. Each

year, the Festival team work

passionately and tirelessly

to bring opportunities to the

youths in Singapore.


When we do see the youth on

stage performing with passion,

some even showcasing their

own original works, and when

we see that other Singaporeans

realise the level of talent that

we have in our city, it makes it

all worthwhile and encourages

us to keep doing what we do.


Through the Festival, besides

getting opportunities to

express their artistic talents

in the performing arts, our

youth will have the chance

to learn from some of the

best in Singapore and even

international performers.


To Ms Indranee Rajah, who has

supported Singapore Street

Festival since 2002 and then

served as our Patron from 2014

to 2019, I extend my heartfelt

appreciation for all that she

has done to help the youths of

Singapore find their passion

and also provide a path as

well as the tools for them to

fulfil their dreams. We are all

delighted that she has agreed

to be Patron Mentor of the

Festival and we look forward to

her continued support.


I would also like to welcome

Mr Melvin Yong as our new

Patron. I’m confident that, with

his support and guidance, the

Festival will continue to break

new grounds and expand our



The Festival would not be able

to be what we are and do what

we do today if it was not for

the support of our sponsors,

partners, supporters, both long

term and new. We will continue

to do our best to better the

lives of our youths and to teach

them skills and values that they

can take, not just on to the

performance stage, but to their

daily lives going ahead.


There is one more group of

people, without whom the

Festival would not have a

raison d’etat, and they are the

participants of the Festival past

and present. These participants

include a team of esteemed

mentors that we are blessed to

have and who give both their

time and their inspirational

talent, as well as a group of

energetic youth leaders that are

the backbone of the Festival,

ensuring that everything runs

smoothly while providing

guidance to others.


Each year, we welcome new

youth leaders to join in our

ranks. This year is no different.

We are looking forward to

welcoming several new youth

leaders who will help to make

the Festival bigger and better.


I’m particularly gratified

when participants of previous

editions come back to

volunteer to mentor their

younger counterparts. This is

what we strive to instil in our

participants, a sense of self and

a spirit of service above self.


I invite more Singaporeans and

friends from our expatriate

community in Singapore to

come together, come forward

and join us on a fulfilling

and fun journey.


Thank you and see you at the

Singapore Street Festival!


Annie Pek

Founder, Singapore Street Festival