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A Brand-New Children’s Festival

Dates: 13-22 December 2019

Venues: Tbc

IMAGINIQUE: A live experience in theatre, dance, music or art – can be life changing, particularly for children.

‘A Child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled’ by Dorothea Brande from Artful Parent.


IMAGINIQUE (Concept of Imagination and Uniqueness) – a new brand Singapore Children’s Festival, targeting at 0-12 years old with three levels of delivery from Adults for Children; Youth for Children; and Children for Children. Using various platforms of nonverbal performances, interactive responses and musical theatre with engagement through Arts, Culture and Community to audiences. Festival programmes are from Local, Asia and International.

‘Only a child sees thing with perfect clarity, because it hasn’t developed all those filters which prevents us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see’ Douglas Adams who runs kids programme


IMAGINIQUE intends to allow Children to explore, experience through play and expose to new things, new learnings through the festival’s programming. The festival programmes are designed to help children build self-confidence, encourage social skills, and fortify focus and concentration to excite inner self curiosity and keen interest to deeper connection and asking questions in a way strengthening communication skills too.

‘The arts and creativity are integral and inseparable parts of what is to be human’ quoting New Zealand PM and Minister of Mach.


IMAGINIQUE is a festival for Children and Adult (being a kid at heart but more so of spirit) alike to let our young people and our decision makers appreciate how the arts, culture and community; and all that sits alongside the Children, richly enrich our lives.

Like what Educator Kelly Pollock said, ‘The true purpose of arts education is not necessarily to create more dancers or artists. It’s to create more complete human beings who are critical thinkers, who have curious minds, who can lead productive lives.’


IMAGINIQUE – Seeing Unlimited Possibilities & Potential Productive Opportunities for Your Children. IMAGINIQUE – WATCH OUT for it! DON’T Miss it!

Festival Objectives

Imaginique brings in top artist-practitioners in children’s arts from all around the world, and connects these internationally-renowned artists with practitioners in Singapore. Beyond inspiring local practitioners and helping form connections between our artists to the global, Imaginique also seeks to strengthen family connections by providing platforms for families to attend arts events focused on the children, exposing the community to the endless possibilities of various art forms for children. Programmes featured in Imaginique are specially curated through an extensive study period to focus on the experiential, the interactive, and the non-verbal.


Target Audience

Imaginique targets children between the ages of 0 to 12, and recognises the important role played by their caretakers. While programmes are centred on the child, educational talks and workshops for caretakers will be organised in line with the presented programmes – it is important for the programmes to inspire further conversations and continued arts appreciation between audience members.

Beyond the immediate audience, an entire strand of Imaginique is dedicated to connecting artistes. Dialogues with and workshops by visiting artistes will be conducted for local practitioners, in keeping our practitioners up to date with the latest global trends. These will also be fertile platforms for the exchange of ideas, in strengthening the Singapore brand and propagating our own groups’ good work to the world. This ecosystem around the child includes parents, grandparents, domestic helpers and early childhood educators. By focusing on this group, Imaginique hopes to engender a virtuous cycle of innovation and creativity in the sphere of local children’s arts, and grow an increasing core of future arts audiences in Singapore.


Marquee Events

The organisers have conducted a series of study trips to renowned children’s festivals overseas, including to the Edinburgh Children’s Festival (United Kingdom), the Out of the Box Festival in Brisbane (Australia), and the Ricca Ricca Festival in Okinawa (Japan). Conversations have been held with festival directors and potential artists who have been identified for their potential to value-add to the local children arts scene.

Projected to take place over two weekends in November to December 2019, highlights of Imaginique include (see Annex for details on these programmes):

  • “Loo” by Ponten Pie from Spain
  • “Here I Am” from Out of the Box, Brisbane
  • “Toddler’s Room” by Siri Dybwik from Norway, via the Edinburgh Children’s Festival
  • “Airplay” from New York