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Loo from Spain

A visual arts workshop where children will create their own self-portrait to be digitised and hung as part of a growing exhibition demonstrating the complexity of children’s self-expression and cultural plurality. This workshop extends themes of self-reflection, diversity, multiplicity and community as well as building fundamental skills in self-portraiture and watercolors. The large scale growing installation featuring these portraits will be added to a growing outcome in a space of your choosing, that develops each day with the artworks of the previous day. The concept of this artwork takes inspiration from and makes visual reference to the inside cover of Shaun Tan’s book THE ARRIVAL and shows the diversity of faces in our community as well as the perspective of each child artist and how they see themselves. PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is a stand-alone activity and there is no direct reference cited by facilitators from the book or the production – THE ARRIVAL. Consequently, children need not have seen or read THE ARRIVAL to participate and engage in the content.


Project Brief

The tool of every self-portrait is the mirror. You see yourself in it. Turn it the other way, and you see the world . Agnes Varda This workshop lets children think about how they want to be seen in the world, and how their face is a reflection of who they are, how they feel and how they want to be seen through the simple act of creating a self-portrait. This project celebrates the wonderful diversity in our society, while at the same time exploring each individual in their own right. We all may have different eyes, hair and skin, but we play the same, smile the same and laugh the same. Every portrait will be digitised and added to a large scale installation, washing over everyone who sees it, and exploring how our young people may themselves form within which may be very different to how we see them from the outside.


Project Details

Venue: Tbc

Workshop: Space suitable for 40 participants to sit on chairs at a table suitable for their stature. This is a wet area and access to a sink and
water is essential.
Exhibition: Flexible and responsive to the desired space for presentation. Artworks have been printed on transparency for glass (Stained
glass look), on vinyl for display and other mediums are available depending on the desired result. Printing and delivery of the artworks is to be sourced
locally with an overnight turn-around, and workshop facilitators will manage the addition of the artworks to the growing installation each day.
Capacity: 40 children
Each workshop will have one lead facilitator an assistant facilitator and a admin/ manager.
If more participants are desired, multiple workshops are able to be run concurrently.
Age Group: 5 and up
Duration: 30 -45 minutes
Materials: Permanent Marker & Watercolour / Watercolour paper
Delivery Team:
QPAC’s Out of the Box Producer – Brett Howe
Lead Artist Facilitators: Sally McRae (subject to availability)
Assistant Artist Facilitators: Giselle Andonov (subject to availability)