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dybwikdans (NO) present Toddlers room


There’s charm, too, in Toddler Room, a beautifully gentle, enchantingly designed dance piece for babies and toddlers by Dybwikdans of Norway. The show is presented in a lovely, little white pod in which dancer Marie Ronold Mathisen interacts wordlessly with her very young audience using nicely choreographed movement, big red balloons and a large, but appealingly benign, bird puppet.

The Herald


This beautiful piece of mini dance theatre has been created by choreographer Siri Dybwik to appeal to our youngest audiences. Set inside a white dome the children and their carers will immediately become involved in a play without words where gorgeous sculptural objects, sounds, and beautiful costumes are the stimulus for a truly magical experience.

One child (0-3 years) together with an adult are welcome to the dome.

dybwikdans is touring worldwide with their work for the youngest one. They are totally dedicated to this art form. Their performances is based on an empathic practice where the togetherness is of great importance.



Siri Dybwik


Nils Christian Fossdal


Marie Ronold Mathisen


Caroline Collinge


Robert Allsopp


The performance is made possible by Stavanger kommune, Sandnes kommune, Rogaland fylkeskommune, FFUK, RAS, Tou Scene and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway



“Toddler Room is a tent of small wonders and special discoveries”