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"Over the years I have seen how Singapore Street Festival has provided young artistes and musicians with a base platform to pursue their passion and bring the craft to greater heights. Many of the guys at D'J Party started playing big gigs on this stage and are now producing their own material, music educators or part of the local music scene."
I have been with SSF since 2003. It has been a great learning journey. I met a lot of people from different walks of life and different cultures. It taught me how to be more understanding and to communicate better with others. I also learnt that no matter how organised we are, problems are inevitable throughout the event. These sudden problems gave me opportunities to build up on my problem solving skills. These skills that i picked up through my years in the festival have been enriching and can an be applied anywhere that I am.
I took a break for 3 years frm SSF and in 2015, I came back and was involved in running the stage again. It was not an easy task as there were hiccups along the way, but it was still enjoyable and satisfying.
Happy 15th Anniversary SSF! Thank you for all the learning opportunities!
Shander Teo


Volunteering for Singapore Street Festival

It provides opportunities for you to meet people from all walks of life and different ages, pushing you to develop better communication skills which you can apply to your everyday life. You will pick up skills that you will never be able to learn in the classroom, such as managing of logistics, events and manpower, depending on the role you take on.
As a volunteer for Singapore Street Festival, it has helped me to grow into a better person and raise my awareness to situations which my younger self may not have been able to see before. The SSF youth leaders will share their stories and experiences, and motivate you to hone your leadership and stress management skills. Volunteering is different from working; it encourages you to build friendships with different disciplines and what’s more in the midst of all the festival hype, you get to have fun at the same time!
Sheryl Ng
SSF Regular Volunteer


I became a member of Singapore Street Festival (SSF) since its inception in 2002. I am proud to be part of SSF, a platform that gives many young Singaporeans including myself the opportunities to discover, showcase and contribute to the society in our own creative ways. SSF has also given me the opportunities to meet some of Singapore’s best musical performers, as well as international ones. These great opportunities have also enabled me to acquire and improve my skills to the point that I am today a professional sound engineer. 
My special thanks to the Founder, Ms Annie Pek, mentors and supporters. 
Happy 15th Anniversary SSF! May you have many more Anniversaries to celebrate!
MC Rendy
SSF Youth Leader
There are not many opportunities for our youth to engage or to develop their passion and talent in non-mainstream art forms. SSF houses a wide range of  talents and as a collective platform, it helps to inspire one another across different genres to pursue their passion. It has been very inspiring to see how talents from earlier editions of SSF have matured and become role models for the new generation.
Colin Wan
SSF Mentor
The Singapore Street Festival (SSF) is not just a platform for youths. It is an outlet, an expression space, a sanctuary and a comfortable place. It is so many different things to different youths, even for different cultures and interest groups, but it impacts us all the same. It elevates each of us, gives us an opportunity and pushes us to believe in ourselves. You can’t immerse yourself in the SSF experience over the years, and come out of it the same person.
Hans Wong-Jensen
SSF Regular Volunteer (Yo-Yo)
"For 15 years (and counting), the Singapore Street Festival has fostered the meeting of youths and industry professionals of all colours and stripes who, in the typical scheme of things and in all probability, might never have crossed paths otherwise. Apart from the SSF's mentoring programmes, the informal education gleaned through these incidental encounters can often be edifying and/or eye-opening, and is, in large part, what makes the SSF experience really special for so many of us."
Joyce Sim
SSF Youth Leader
"Singapore Street Festival is an effective platform for youths to showcase their talent. Thanks to Singapore Street Festival, I had the opportunity to be involved and travelled to three continents for YOG in 2010. If you're talented, bold and creative, Singapore Street Festival is the platform for you to be yourself and create breakthroughs."
Ros Syazlin
SSF Youth Leader
Being involve  in SSF for the past 5years, I  as youth leader have learned many leadership qualities through Organising football freestyle / panna events. The continuos support / drive  from SSF has brought great exposure for the sport. This is the festival where passion turns into reality. 
Terence Ong
SSF Youth Leader
SSF has been a great platform for the Youths across different movements to gather, socialize and bond with one another
SSF Youth Leader
SSF might seem like a low key festival to some, but the participants have banded together to keep it running successfully year after year for a decade and a half. At what cost? Passion and sacrifice; 2 qualities that mould an artist into what he is through the test of time. In my view, that is what Singapore Street Festival is about. Willingness to sacrifice certain things to make sure your passion is alive. SSF has withstood the test of time and will continue to persevere and engage the future generation to cultivate their passion.
SSF Youth Leader