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Singapore National Kendama Championship (SNKC) 2017

  • VENUE : Bugis + Atrium
  • DATE : 4 June 2017
  • TIME : 9.30am to 6.30pm
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The Singapore National Kendama Championship (SNKC) is back for the third run after a phenomenal success in 2016. This year we are a part of a campaign under the hashtag #sgroadtokwc to prepare our Singaporean kendama players for the biggest kendama competition battleground, the Kendama World Cup 2017.

Kendama in Singapore...

In 2015, kendama has become a very popular hobby among the students in primary and secondary schools and the number of kendama players multiplied rapidly. We began to see the demand for the toy exploded and more shops starts selling kendamas in places like toy outpost boxes and even in convenient stores like 7-11.


With the rise in popularity, many kendama competitions have been organized to continue sharpening the skills and consistency of our players from increased difficulty in tricks to freestyle competitions that brings out creativity and originality. We have also had visits from internationally known Pro Kendama players like Max Nocross and Cooper Eddie from Sweets Kendamas and Tamotsu Kubota and Yuka Hyuga from GLOKEN had also come to witness the kendama community here in Singapore. They were surprised at how popular kendama is in this part of the world and were impressed by the skill levels of the players here.


With that we are working together with Gloken to recognize the Singapore National Kendama Championship as a pre-event to the Kendama World Cup and will be sending this year's Champion to Japan to compete in the prestigious event. With that we have invited Tamotsu Kubota representative from Gloken, and the dynamic kendama duo Zoomadanke to grace the event.


In 2016, under the campaign #sgroadtokwc, we managed to form a team of 15 representatives including our Champion from SNKC 2016, Anson Yap from Singapore to participate in the Kendama World Cup 2016. Being the winner of SNKC 2016, Anson won for himself a sponsored air ticket and competition fee for the World Cup in Japan. It was a proud moment when one of our own homegrown player, Wai Hao Yap clinched 19th place in the Kendama World Cup 2017 and that had definitely inspire the KendamaSG community that we have what it takes to make our mark in the global kendama scene.


This year, we are coming back with the hashtag #bringbackKSG with the mission to support the kendama community and rekindle the fire and passion within our very own players. We have also opened up the competition to other Asian players to be part of this and the grand prize would include a sponsored trip to Japan for KWC 2017 and to be seeded in the finals.






1st: Anson Yeo

2nd: Qandil Danial

3rd: Lynse Sng

4th: Brian Toh

5th: Ong Ruey How



1st: Marcus

2nd: Aaron

3rd: Muhd Hakim



Runner up: Ariel


SNKC 2017

Skeletal structure of SNKC

4th June

9.30am - 11am



Confirm registration

Make payment of 25 dollars

Collect event t- shirt

11am -11.30am

Opening speech


Kendama Performance


Opening address

Introduce panel of judges

Reveal of grand trophy

Kendama Performance

11.30am – 11.45 am

Preparations for prelims

Check groupings

-        Groupings will be divided into 2-3 batches

-        Each batch will go stage in group of 5

-        E.g A1-A25, B1 –B25

11.45am – 12.05pm


Prelim batch 1


Expecting 25 participants

*  5 batches of 5 players

*  5 judges

*  Trick ladder of 20 tricks in 2 min

12.05pm – 12.25pm

Prelim batch 2

Expecting 25 participants

*  5 batches of 5 players

*  5 judges

*  Trick ladder of 20 tricks in 2 min

12.25pm – 12.45pm

Prelim batch 3

Expecting 25 participants

*  5 batches of 5 players

*  5 judges

*  Trick ladder of 20 tricks in 2 min

12.45 – 1pm



1pm – 1.30pm

Beginner Category (rename)

KWC trick level 1-5 (5 tricks)

Expect 25 participants

1 on 1 judging

3 min

1.30pm – 3.30pm

Open Category

KWC trick all level (10 tricks)

- expect 45 participants

- 3 min run

3.30pm – 4.30pm

King of Flow Freestyle Competition

(60 pax)

Participants will have 30 seconds to show case their freestyle

- choose 4 finalist

4.30pm – 5.15pm




Beginner – Top 3 from prelims

Open – Top 5 from prelims

5.30pm – 5.45pm

King of Flow Finals

Top 4 one on one battle

2 x 1 minute each


6.00pm – 6.30pm

Prize presentation

Closing Speech


*Mini games will be injected in between the ladder games. Participation is free.


Vendor booths

Booths will be prepared for the vendors to sell any kendama related products

  • kendamas
  • Kendama holster
  • Street apparels


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