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bellydance masterclass

Many experts say belly dancing is the oldest form

of dance, having roots in ancient cultures from

India to the mid-East. Throughout history, this

ritualized expression has usually been performed

for other women, during fertility rites or marriage

parties. Asia Global Bellydance Competition is an

annual event to showcase this dance discipline.

23 June

Tango Fusion

Wendy Chiu

11am to 1.30pm.

Reporting time 10.30am.

Oriental Egyptian

Cairo Style

Katia Eshta

1.30 to 4pm.

Reporting time 1pm.

Arab Pop

Min Sun

4 to 6.30pm.

Reporting time 3.30pm.


Wendy Chiu

Min Sun

2 sessions $290

1 session $180


Katia Eshta

1 session $260

bellydance masterclass

katia eshta

wendy chiu

min sun