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  1. Singapore Street Festival, 2019 theme is THE POWER OF CONNECTION. This is an open category event; all participants must be registered as members of Singapore Street Festival 2019.
  2. Any participants who are under 21 years of age must get parental or guardian’s consent.
  3. Participants must agree to abide by the rules stipulated here and the indemnity and waiver stipulated in the registration form when participating in Singapore Street Festival 2019
  4. SSF will take place at various venues at Bugis+, Bugis Junction, Henderson Community Centre and Cairnhill Community Centre as each programme/s stipulated.
  5. All prizes won whether in vouchers or in kind are not eligible for cash exchange, unless prizes are indicated as cash prizes. The organizer reserves the right to replace any prizes in vouchers or in kind with another of equal value, without prior notice.
  6. Any prizes whether in vouchers or in kind, and/or in cash that are not claimed during the festival, will be sold or money raised (together with the cash prizes – if any) will be set aside for future or other SSF projects or as reserves for SSF2020.
  7. All winners will need to produce their identification especially when claiming cash prizes for accounting and verification purposes. Winners under 21 years of age will also need to produce their parent or guardian’s identification.
  8. Winners, who are sending representatives to collect prizes on their behalf – must note that SSF requires a letter of authorization and identifications of both the winner and the person collecting prizes on behalf be it their parent or friend.
  9. The organizer and sponsors of competition reserve the rights to publish the names and particulars of the winners. The organizer and/or sponsors of competition also reserves the rights to use any picture/s of participant prior or during and after the festival for any publicity purpose.
  10. Sponsors of competition held at Singapore Street Festival 2019 reserves all rights to own all submissions by participating contestant unless otherwise stipulated by the competition’s sponsors.
  11. All winners and finalists of any competition held during the Singapore Street Festival 2019 must make avail for performance/s at the Sponsor corporate function when required.
  12. The organizer or the sponsors will not be responsible for any expenditure incurred by the competitor in the course of preparation for the competition, and also not liable for any injuries arising out of or due to the rehearsals, performances and/or the competition respectively.
  13. The organizer reserves the right to reject any registration they deem fit. NO further explanation is required.
  14. All judges’ decision for competition/s is/are final and NO further correspondence thereafter will be entertained.
  15. Official forms are available only for download from HERE
  16. Submission online at and by mail to:

The Power of Connection Singapore Street Festival 2019

341 HOUGANG AVENUE 7, #03-457, SINGAPORE 530341.

Registration Criteria

Registration criteria require everyone including each member of group/s to provide their particulars in full

along with the following details:

  • Name of Performer/s or Band Group/s
  • Number of people in Performing or Band Group/s
  • Each member name is to be according to their identity card or passport with other details especially contact of each member (contactable mobile) and email addresses
  • A complete list of song titles performing, do stipulate whether covers or originals
  • All song lyrics to be enclosed
  • All participants latest picture or image of Performer/s or Band Group/s
  • All participants latest write up or bio of 30 words of Performer/s or Band Group/s
  • All participants technical rider or specification require by Performer/s or Band Group/s
  • Submission has to be on SSF registration form together with your demo through mp3 files or youtube link.
  • Online submission for registration is possible.

Kindly note that all entries have to be submitted as per requested by the organiser and/or sponsors bearing which the application may be rejected.

Submission of registration form can be done by

1) online or via (below)

2) Download and print and send to the address below

For enquiries, kindly contact Annie Pek at 98628033 or at