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*Please read the details of street rulz, which is a compulsory component before registration. 



Registration fees for all participants be it solo/duo/or group each participating members is $25, registration fee for AGB is $50 per pax

All registration payments can be made by Cashier’s order or Cheques issued to Singapore Street Festival Limited and send to 341 Hougang Avenue 7, #03-457, Singapore 530341.


Registration criteria require everyone including each member of group/s to provide their particulars in full along with the following details:

  • Name of Performer/s or Band Group/s complete personal details according to IC
  • Number of people in Performance or Band Group/s
  • A complete list of songs and lyrics performing, do stipulate whether covers or originals
  • All solo or group latest picture or image
  • Submit technical specification requirement
  • Online or email submission has to be through SSF website registration together with your demo tracks or youtube link


    Bellydance and Singing group maximum not more than 6 members; Band group to a maximum of 7 members; 8 members exception only for breakdance crew

    Complete online submission is greatly appreciated to

    Or you can mail your application to:




    341 HOUGANG AVENUE 7, #03-457,

    Singapore 530341


    All enquiries, kindly contact Annie Pek at 98628033 or at