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Singapore Street Festival(SSF)

We have journeyed to where we are now, and there is so much more we want to

do and need to do, but at least, we've made a good start; a firm foundation!

SSF through the years:

SSF2002 – Street Revolution, a Singapore Street Festival

SSF2003 – Singapore Street Festival, a Street Revolution

SSF2004 – Pop is HOT

SSF2005 – Passion in d’Streetz

SSF2006 – Urban Evolution

SSF2007 – Children of the Revolution

SSF2008 – Power to the People

SSF2009 – Electric Youth

SSF2010 – Younity

SSF2011 – REV it up

SSF2012 – All AMPED Up!

SSF2013 – Vision into REALITY

SSF2014 – Super Duper Youth

SSF2015 – Youth Diversity

SSF2016 – COMMunity

SSF2017 – UNCHARTED But Known


SSF2019 – The Power of Connection

We have had, for the past decade, been successful in providing the youth of

Singapore many platforms as in according and inline with our hopes and aims.

In fact what SSF has delivered to the youth in Singapore is not limited to

Singapore only but also across the region and the international arena too. SSF

become as familiar in youth’s hearts and minds as the genre and medium of their

dreams and their passion.

SSF has created lasting impressions, we believe in building SSF brand for long

term, that means we have engaged many youth before, we are still engaging

youth of the present and definitely want to engage youth of the future to make

a difference in their dreams, in their passion, in their lives.

On our tenth anniversary we would like to thank and salute all previous

youth who are brave, courageous, and willing to take the first step

forward. To these youth we ask: what do you want to do next? Tell us…

We also want to thank festival partners; sponsors; collaborators local and

worldwide; supporters; youth leaders; participants; not forgetting family

members and friends; all the production team and volunteers and most of all,

the audiences of Singapore.

For the present youth and those future youth who have yet to take their

first step forth, we encourage you to reach out to your dreams and your

passion, to fulfill it. Lets share what you have hope with all waiting out

there…the stage is yours…what are you waiting for?

Come on, step on up!


A global platform for youth talents of Singapore to achieve new grounds; new works; new friendship; and new leaders in the Asia region.


To achieve unanimous acknowledgement of the strength of youth talents, their passionate energies driving towards excellence through various new social media and platforms channels.


Empowering motivation and inspiring avenues of opportunities through new collaborations of cross discipline and exchange works with overseas youth.


We want to continue to cultivate, nurture and produce positive attitude in healthy street culture programs maintaining the uniqueness of multicultural street hub at home, in the region and internationally; also keen in promoting creative youths works to the greater arena by bearing in mind to be sensitive with respect in our awareness of multicultural cohesiveness toward collective and collaborative works that brings different people of different background together.


Singapore Street Festival, a non-profit social and community project was founded in 2002 by Ms Annie Pek, with theme of Street Revolution.

One of Singapore’s most prolific independent producers; Annie has been successfully behind many memorable events in theatre, music, fashion, TV media as well as world conferences.

Singapore Street Festival (SSF) is a yearly event offering the opportunity for youth to showcase their diverse talents, skills and capabilities in the performing arts, visual arts, popular lifestyle trends, fashion, urban sports, entrepreneurship, technology, health, environment and design.


In 2003, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) approached the Singapore Street Festival to be a platform and provided grants through Orchard Business Association, to be one of its official programs welcoming people back into the streets of Singapore after the SARS pandemic under the umbrella theme Singapore Street Festival

That same year, SSF worked with the French Embassy and initiated a creative collaboration between a French Electronic band and an Electronic band from the National University of Singapore (NUS). The partnership resulted in a new piece of original music performed at the closing of SSF2003


In 2004, SSF performers participated at the nation’s National Day Parade with 48 graffiti artists and 75 break-dancers, following a successful festival with the theme, Pop Is HOT

The British Council also supported SSF by bringing in Singapore-born musicians CHI2 from the UK. The UK/Singapore artists brought a unique, dynamic fusion of er hu, electric violin and electronic music, elevating violin, music and performance in Singapore to an unprecedented new level


In 2005, SSF’s Best of the Best (Singing Competition) Champion, Erick Guansing was selected to sing at the finale of the 117th IOC Session Opening Ceremony at Esplanade Theatre. TSSF’s theme for 2005 was Passion in d’ Streetz


In 2006, SSF was commissioned by National Arts Council (NAC) to bring Sing Singapore featuring Singapore National Day songs to the Singapore youth to motivate a new style of presentation to previous popular compositions. The SSF2006 theme was an evocative one: Urban Evolution

That year, the SSF also brought in the Battle of the Year (BOTY), hosting and organizing the Singapore chapter of the international breakdance competition headquartered in Germany.

Also in 2006, the SSF spearheaded a tripartite collaboration with Taiwan and China, to create the Asia Global Belly-dance Competition. The initiative showcased bellydance in Singapore in 2006, Taiwan in 2007, and China in 2008 coinciding with the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.


In 2007, SSF initiated he first Japanese Rock (Jrock) band competition, attracting participants even from both neighboring countries Malaysia and Indonesia under the umbrella SSF2007 theme Children of d’Revolution

SSF also participated in Chingay 2007, combining Singapore’s Doha Olympics Gymnastics Champion, young floor gymnasts, and SSF breakdancer. SSF also designed and painted its own float, which was honored as one of the most innovative and creative floats in Chingay 2007!


In 2008, SSF brought for-youths programming to another high through multiple, changes, and learning opportunities under the SSF2008 theme Power to the People. SSF also announced its intention to start a training hub for youths in 2011.


In 2009, ‘Singapore Street Festival’ was named by the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC) as a festival partner in its Cultural & Education Program (CEP).

The theme for SSF2009 was a fitting Electric Youth, which also saw SSF hosting the Battle of the Year Asia (BOTY Asia). Break Dance Competition at Downtown East, Singapore despite the Influenza A (HINI) scare. The event turned out to e a great success, with the participation of nine countries across Asia namely: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.


In 2010, Singapore Street Festival with its consortium partners of CultureLink and The Presenting Company was awarded the Journey of the Flame City Celebrations across five Continents – Berlin, Germany; Senegal, Dakar; Mexico City, Americas; Auckland New Zealand; and Seoul, South Korea. The SSF2010 theme was YOUnity: A New Era of Youth Collective.

SSF also provided performers to YOG at its Suntec ICC venue; Scape and Youth Olympic Village (YOV) venues. SSF produces the first percussion concerts, as one of YOV’s closing stage programs, featuring percussion legends, professionals, new and energetic performers, and even amateurs. SSF then closed YOV CEP with a very high-powered event featuring specially choreographer pyrotechnics.


SSF2011, saw Singapore Street Festival celebrating its 10 anniversary year. Partnering NECdc launch Singapore’s first Street Graffiti book called Street Visibility. Paying tribute to our Youth Leaders.


SSF2012, SSF launches Electric Youth Connects, Youth leaders sent to be trained as coaches to lead other youth in areas of coaching and counselling. SSF in 2012 challenges youth to be the ‘Better Man’ in their areas of work. SSF Jrock program celebrated 10 Anniversary of youth leader leading this program with our importing a Jrock band with Japan-based Singapore Jrock artist Cedric


SSF2013, Celebrating Patron’s 10 year of office with SSF with a concert at Esplanade Recital Studio called Vision into Reality feature both mentors and performers of SSF sharing stage in concert. SSF also invites musical theatre dance and performers to join in this celebration. SSF’s Extreme Sports namely Parkour, Bmx, Roller Blading and Skateboarders are being featured at Ndp2013.


SSF2014. Featuring the best of Hip Hop Breakdance as the Supa Weekend! Challenging Professional Magicians to lead in mentorship programs with successful results, with creative and innovative ways to present their crafts. For Jrock, we have professional band Queens Inc coming in to be mentors. Singapore Bboys went to USA 3on3 Freestyle Session Finals in San Diego.


SSF2015 carried the theme of Youth Diversity. Celebrating Battle Of The Year (Breakdance) collaborations with SSF 10 Anniversary, also celebrating 10 years for Asia Global Bellydance. This year together with SHINE, SSF featured 3 exciting program at Orchard Road Pedestrian Mall (outside Mandarin Hotel) with Parkour, Kendama and Street Football.


SSF2016 theme is COMMunity, several facets to the theme – its about community, its about youth in the community, its about communication, connection and cohesiveness in the community. SSF16 celebrates it's 15 Anniversary.


SSF2017 theme is UNCHARTED but known. In this day and age, the literal meaning for these expressions is extremely exciting. What it generally means for us today is "things we've not done before." It may mean a mistake has been made, but most often it means we are trying something new on purpose. The terrain is unknown, just that they are taking a risk, a situation where you have no idea of what the outcome will be, so they're kind of feeling their way along in this new freedom of finding and experimenting.


SSF2018 theme is YOUTHNIVERSE. Youth today trending: multipotentials. They have dreams, they have passion, they are multi-talented. They are hardworking, they are focused, they are in control. They are not afraid of failure, they can face stress in the face, they’ll build their weaknesses into their strength. They do not procrastinate, they pick up when fall, they stand tall in recovery. They are responsible, they are fighters—taking challenges in their stride, they are global connectors. They communicate well, they think deep, and they action fast! This is new youth, global youth in the Youthniverse.


SSF2019 The Power of Connection.